Hi there, glad you found this! In my day job, I work as a startup recruiter. I specialize in building up the talent infrastructure for early stage startups and help them grow from 10 people to 50. In my free time, I work as a job search coach. I bring insider knowledge and…
How LinkedIn applications can hurt your chances and how you can use LinkedIn to your advantage.
A detailed account of all the companies I applied to, conversion rates, and whether my advice actually worked.
Thinking of changing jobs in the new year? Let me help you beat your competition
Salary Negotiation Q&A, with Recruiter & People Partner PragnyaIn summer 2019 I started working with Pragnya. Since day 1, she has been an excellent recruiter that I look up to. Not only is she extremely sha…
It's true what they say: changing paths within the same company is the easiest.
It's intimidating but it doesn't have to be difficult.
The Networking Advent Calendar is a 24-day long training program to build your networking muscles (and your network)! Not sure why you should do this…
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